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Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck is respected world-wide as one of the all-time best vocalists. Beginning with his chart-topping hit "Release Me" in 1966, his romantic ballads were the key to his success.

He amassed a huge following of loyal fans from England to Las Vegas. His amazing voice sustained his career over five decade. Curt appreciates Humperdink’s vocal and stage talents and flawlessly mimics his smooth romantic style.

With good looks and charm, he will bring you back to a time of class and sophistication.

Comedy was always part of an Engelbert show, and Curt's performance is no exception. You will be astonished with his singing and equally impressed by his quick wit and humor. Entertainers of Humperdinck's caliber are few and far between, and Curt is honored to give you a glimpse of the man known as "The King Of Romance."